Facial protection – facial protection

No matter the weather, women worry about their skin. Hot and dry winds directly affect the face, so women have to pay special attention to their face, so that the face looks clean, fresh and attractive. ۔
Hygiene and massage play an important role in protecting the face. To get a massage, it is important that your hands are clean and your nails are trimmed.
It is also important to be aware of the gentle use of hands on the face during the massage, which of course requires exercise. First of all, you should sit in a very comfortable position and apply a good face cream or oil. Massage on the face. In choosing the cream, make sure that the lubrication is so that your face does not become dry, then massage with very soft and gentle hands.
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Massage on every part of the face. First apply oil or face cream on the face. Start moving your hands from the neck to the chin. Massage using the hands full and then stop for a few minutes. Massage from the jaw to the ears for a while. Then take a break for a few moments and then go to the jaw while massaging the ears.
Massage your fingertips around your chin, mouth and nose.
Do not put too much pressure on the nose and eyes while massaging. Then stop for a few moments and then come to the lower part of the chin and then repeat the same process. This time massage up to the nose and forehead. Do this at least four times, covering your face as if hiding something. Place the palms on the face and the fingers on the forehead, place the hands on the face for a few minutes and then remove the hands while reducing the pressure.

A good way to massage is to massage your whole face with your fingers in the form of small circles, from the upper lip to your chin, with your fingers from the lower lip to your chin. Massage the ear with the lower lips with the help of your fingers. This process will give a lot of relief to the part of the mouth. Massage the cheeks lightly with your hands.
Start massaging lightly from the bottom of the chin. Similarly, massage on the other cheek.
This will not only relieve the pressure on the jaw, but will also make you feel relaxed. Place your hands on your forehead and apply light pressure with both fingers. Bring your hands sideways across your face. And gently massage all over the forehead. This will soothe the skin of the face and massage will also speed up the blood flow in the face, which is extremely useful for rejuvenating the skin.

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