How do the Taliban live in the most important areas in Afghanistan in ten days?

The Taliban were the foundation of the whole of Afghanistan when they took advantage of the ten-day period. Taliban troops occupied the first provincial capital of Afghanistan on August 6, and on August 15, they were stationed on the outskirts of Kabul.

Their resilience forced thousands of Afghan citizens to emigrate. Some people fled to the organization’s capital Kabul and left a few countries for neighboring countries.

And when we reached the Kabul of the Taliban and after leaving the country of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, there was an expert on the conflict. Thousands of residents wanted to flee.

Taliban tolerance

In June, most of the Taliban in the country had been taken over by US and foreign troops in June. But after August 6, his progress was marked by new love and movement.

The Afghan army has failed before them despite foreign aid and billions of dollars in training, intensive training and American air support. However, in some places he fought and opposed the Taliban.

As a result of repeated attacks by the Taliban in Lashkar, Afghan soldiers were removed from important positions.

Thousands of Afghan commanders in Lawstage were deployed to maintain peace and security, but when the Taliban attacked a large car bomb outside the police headquarters on August 11, the war ended completely.

In many areas, Afghan soldiers have been facing problems with other goods, including ammunition.
Trained armed soldiers from the United States left civilians safe.

And in a few places, authorities have expressed their determination to improve the Taliban in order to avoid massacres.

According to Ghazni reports, a police chief and governor were allowed to leave the city instead of being arrested without opposition.

After a brief confrontation with the Afghan army on August 14, Mazar Sharif was also deported to the Taliban. Some of these Afghan soldiers left the city and fled to Uzbekistan in the Hiratine region.
Disaster for People ‘

According to the United Nations Human Humorous Affairs Office, 17600 people reached Kabul’s fear of the Taliban, as of August 15, when thousands reached.

With very little help from Afghan officials, residents slept on the streets and in city parks at night.

Some of them claimed to have been evicted from Taliban settlements, where the Taliban killed men who worked with the security forces and also blocked women. They are compelling.

The World Food Program (World Food Program) says that the issue is “bigger than the problems and destruction of the human race.”

Thousands of Afghan residents have turned to Kabul airport after flying in the country of President Ashraf Ghani and a helicopter from the embassy and the US embassy.

Taliban troops began evacuating the city of Kabul earlier, and during this time, an emergency meeting was held at the presidential palace. But in time they came into the city and were able to capture it.

How the Taliban wants to govern the country is still unclear.

So far, the Taliban have received conflicting reports from the human settlements.

In Balkh, the BBC is located 20 kilometers from the Sharif, the BBC knows that women and girls are allowed to go to public places without mahram but also reports that a woman accused of wearing the wrong clothes Ben has been killed.

Women say they are forced to wear a Burkha, and they cannot go out with any man, and they are not forced to wear a Burkha.

There are also reports of young girls’ relationships with Taliban militants and she also has notice of forced marriage.

Although Taliban representatives in Qatar are being pressured that ‘all this is true.’

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