The Risk of Breast Cancer Simple Steps to Prevent Disease

If young women take some simple steps during adolescence, they can reduce the risk of breast cancer later in life. Studies show that puberty can be a milestone in the development of breast cancer.

Regular exercise is believed to delay a girl’s early menstrual cycle. This is when the body produces the hormones that cause most breast cancer. According to research, only four hours of weekly exercise can delay hormone levels for up to 12 months.

Four hours a week is not a big deal for a girl. You can play Dodge football, play on the playground or ride his bike. Because exercise lowers hormone levels, it can reduce the risk of breast cancer, even if the girl is just starting to menstruate.

Another way is to reduce fat. A girl who has reduced her fat intake by only 6 percent has reduced estrogen and progesterone levels by at least 30 percent, according to a study. These ideas are not well tested and require further research.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, except for skin cancer. In the United States, an estimated 183,000 new patients were diagnosed and an estimated 41,000 women die each year from breast cancer.

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