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Treatment with herbs is one of the oldest treatments. Treatment with plants and their extracts in different languages ​​is gaining importance and even today a large population of the world is benefiting from it. According to statistics, this is the most widely used treatment in the world. Herbs and plants also provide the basis for many of today’s popular medicines and some of these important medicines are being developed from them, which are the most popular treatment. I am well used.

Medicines made from herbs or plants can be easily consumed in the form of tablets and syrups. Leaves and flowers can be boiled by pouring boiling water over them. Bark and roots can be boiled in water and used. Is also common.

Tinctures are also made by dipping plant parts in a mixture of alcohol and water. In addition to food from herbs, medicines are also prepared to be applied and applied on the skin, such as ointments and poultices.

Indigenous herbs are often used by people to treat their own homes, such as arrowroot for nausea and diarrhea, and eucalyptus or peppermint oil for runny noses. However, herbalists also use this treatment to treat more complex and severe diseases. This treatment is also used as an alternative to conventional chemical remedies and conventional chemical remedies. Also to promote the effect.

Plants used for medicinal purposes contain minerals and vitamins as well as common plants, as well as a variety of chemicals and antibiotics. These chemicals not only strengthen the body but also heal. Make faster. Often a recipe combines herbs with different effects and properties, and care is taken to ensure that the combined effect of these different herbs is optimal.

Medicines prepared from plants and herbs should be avoided with conventional chemicals and no action should be taken without consulting a physician. Herbal remedies especially for skin diseases, respiratory complaints, asthma and fever. Very useful for cough, stomach ailments, gastric ulcers, colic, convulsions, joint pain and varicose veins.
It also cures many other ailments. If you start any other treatment with herbal treatment, you must tell the doctor. Pregnant women should take special care.
Most of the medicines used today in conventional chemical therapies are derived from plants and herbs, but there are some basic differences between the two methods.
The first is that a specific ingredient of a plant or herb is obtained for the common chemical medicine, but herbal therapists emphasize the use of the whole herb instead of being content with just one particular ingredient. , So that instead of the effect of a particular ingredient in the medicine, the effect of the whole herb or plant.
This means that one ingredient is important in the eyes of chemical manufacturers, while herbalists look at all the ingredients.
He says that if all the effects of the whole herb are present then the effect can be balanced. If one ingredient is more powerful then other ingredients will help to reduce its strength or keep it in moderation. If the strength of the ingredient is low then other ingredients will help to increase its strength and bring it in moderation. It will also help to spread the effects of this particular ingredient to that part of the body which needs treatment.

Another major difference between the two types of therapeutic drugs is that herbal medicines contain their total natural substance, while the chemical medicine contains a specific component of the plant or herb and then removes it in the laboratory. Goes through the stages of synthesis.
This is why naturally occurring herbal medicines have fewer side effects than chemical herbs, but it should be kept in mind that herbal medicines are much more potent. And they can be dangerous if eaten in excess of the recommended dose.

Herbal remedies can cure both acute and chronic or chronic diseases, but most of the chronic diseases are referred to patients who do not benefit from the conventional treatment or who have some side of the conventional treatment. Want to avoid side effects or have more faith in herbal remedies. Both treatments may have some side effects and side effects, but few people expect harm from herbal remedies.

Some herbs and plants are thought to improve blood circulation and are good for the heart, but some are also said to be harmful to the heart and eaten for the heart. Other effective medicines can also interfere with their effectiveness, so people who are traditional heart health medicines should not take herbal medicines without a doctor’s advice.

It is a fact that there is very little focus on the effectiveness and efficacy of herbs compared to the time and time being spent on research and experimentation with conventional chemicals and the pace of research on them. Very slow, so we know very little about heart and other diseases in terms of their usefulness.

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