Paypal is a Safe and best Choice for Small and Medium online Work And Business

Paypal is a Safe Choice

The growth in total penetration has allowed for dramatic growth in online trading and if you have to believe experts, trading has already doubled in the last three years, and is expected to grow at least 7 times in the next five years or more. To match this growth, there is a growing need for merchant accounts, credit card processors and payment methods.

Unfortunately the growth in the trading line is compared to the concurrent growth of the same job of online fraudsters. To further address this problem, the official infrastructure, in many countries dealing with net fraud is still in its infancy. The electronic contracts awarded did not test the waters of judgment.

Finding a merchant account is not easy for everyone. It is an expensive proposal, in terms of initial set-up costs for access to a huckster proof network and security standards should be increased to keep pace with the growing threat perception.

How, then, can you stimulate consumer interest in a net? You should read the users’ opinions and terms of credit card processors. In fact provides a summary of the various credit card processors. It would be a good idea to look from here.


In such cases, PayPal is the easiest option. PayPal, with over 85 million active accounts and presence in more than 55 countries, is the fastest, easiest, most expensive, most reliable and most widely accepted online shopping. It probably has a merchant account, a credit card processor and payment gateways all integrated into one. No recurring fees, free counter fraud tools, no setup or entry fees, free eBay tools and transaction fees starting from zero, for small merchants PayPal offers a visible merchant account at a low cost. Although for small customers, its prices may seem high, but for most customers, it can cost about 10% more than a merchant account. For example, for a merchant with a profit of $ 1 million through PayPal, while the average merchant’s income would be $ 29,520, including various annual payments, the cost of PayPal would be $ 26,550.

PayPal – A Good Solution for Small and Medium Business Scientists

With PayPal, you do not need to have a website, payments can be made using an email account, and your customers do not need to have a PayPal account.

When you buy something online at auction, PayPal can take care of you by notifying the winning buyer at the end of the list with the back link of the listed item. PayPal also takes care of your shipping needs. It provides you with tools to calculate shipping costs, create shipping labels, track deliveries, pay for shipping insurance etc.

PayPal has also merged with Yahoo and now you can build, set up and manage your e-commerce website using Yahoo Merchant Solutions including site building tools, simple tools to manage your orders and inventory, and much more.

PayPal also helps you fight taxpayers unfairly.

PayPal acceptance limits

PayPal has certain restrictions on items for sale such as counterfeit goods, gambling activities, child pornography etc.

Paypal is ready for consumers as well.

Sending Money

Sending a PayPal wallet is easy. Money can be sent, free of charge, to recipients in 55 countries, where PayPal is accepted in US / Canadian / Australian dollars, Pound sterling, Yen or Euro.

It Helps You Benefit From Your Targeting

PayPal also helps you earn money by passing it on to your friends. You can add a referral link to your email or website and each time a merchant signs up for a new PayPal business account, you can receive a 0.5% commission payment of approximately $ 1,000.

Safety Precautions

Working with more than 1000 employees, and using encryption and CVV2 testing, PayPal has a robust security system to prevent identity theft and seeks 100% protection from unauthorized payments. PayPal also offers you to install a free security bar for a month to protect spam and malicious emails from a PayPal account, but after the first one month, you will have to pay for it. In the event of a dispute with the seller regarding the quality or content of the goods, you may consult PayPal dispute resolution experts. PayPal also acquired Verisign Payment Services and added the best tools in the payment protection industry.

PayPal has its critics

Although, PayPal has a loss rate of less than 0.5% which is significantly lower compared to Master Card or Visa, PayPal has a number of critics. The main reason for grouse is that with PayPal you lose your rights under consumer protection laws. PayPal will not allow you to refund in the event of any unauthorized activity appearing on your credit card or PayPal account. They also complain that PayPal has taken the time to withdraw money and create your own bank account to ensure recovery.

What’s even more shocking is that when someone pays you a stolen credit card, your account is immediately marked as “criminal” and any money is taken from that account!

In fact in a lengthy lawsuit, PayPal opted to stay out of court and paid $ 9.25 million and dismissed all allegations as it feared the verdict would force us to change its questionable practices.

Allegations and critics however, it is true that PayPal has become a global leader in online payment solutions. With its renewed focus on customer satisfaction, it should be able to reclaim its lost location.

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